1.1. Racism and discrimination will NOT be tolerated at all in ANY ASCA event or server.

1.2. Stupid Rule: If anything that you do can be defined as ‘stupid’, then you are eligible to receive any and all penalties that the administrators choose to give you.


2.1. Follow the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. Please ensure that all content you post or discuss follows Discord's Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. Failure to follow these terms results in a ban and report to Discord's Trust & Safety Team.

2.2. Harassment, Hate Speech, and Discrimination. ANY and ALL forms of harassment or hate speech are strictly prohibited. Any acts of harassment, hate speech, or discrimination will NOT BE TOLERATED. It will result in an immediate ban and a report. Everyone is welcome on this server. Hateful, illegal, derogatory, and other related content is not allowed. This includes text, images, and videos. Your race, gender, ethnicity, religion, or other does not provide you the ability to use such words or content.

2.3 NSFW Content Please help us keep this server a SFW environment. Any content deemed NSFW, shocking imagery, pornography, or extreme use of inappropriate language will be removed, and a mute to said user will follow. The user is given a warning before any ban measures will be taken.

2.4. Spamming Please do not spam any of the channels. Spamming will result in an immediate mute, and multiple offenses will result in a potential ban.

2.5. Advertisements Advertising other discord servers, websites, or other content won't be tolerated. a warning may be handed for the first offense, and a potential ban will be awarded on any other offense.

2.6. Positive Environment Keep the server a safe place for everybody! Treat everybody as you would like to be treated! Toxicity will not be tolerated, and may result in an immediate ban!

2.7. Toxicity Any and ALL acts of toxicity are prohibited. Leaking people's information, constantly starting arguments, anything that would deem you an “asshole”, will be prohibited and will result in an immediate ban.

2.8. Language English is the only language that is allowed. This is so our staff can effectively enforce the rules.

2.9. Pinging Please do not ghost ping, or mass ping any roles or users. Only when it is absolutely necessary. Multiple pings will result in an immediate mute, and multiple offenses will result in a potential ban.

2.10. Impersonation Do NOT impersonate staff members. Pretending to be somebody you aren’t, and attempting to perform the duties of somebody you aren’t will result in an immediate mute and a potential ban for multiple offenses.

2.11. Controversial Topics Please keep discussions about controversial topics such as politics, religion, real-life events, etc. to a minimum. These discussions are allowed but will be moderated by staff. If a discussion is deemed too controversial, the users will be asked to no longer continue the discussion. Continuation of the discussion will result in an immediate mute to the users involved, and a potential ban for multiple offenses.

2.12. Moderation Reminder, that Staff has the final say on what they deem as inappropriate, or what fails to follow the server rules & guidelines. If you feel you have been wrongly penalized or banned, please speak to somebody with higher authority.


3.1. Practice Rules

3.1.1. Practice sessions will begin 45 Minutes before qualifying begins ASCA Cup Series will have a 30 Minute session following the conclusion of the National Series event. (not guaranteed)

3.1.2. Drivers must be signed to an active ASCA Cup Series, or National Series team to participate in official practice sessions.

3.1.3. Reckless driving will not be tolerated during any practice sessions. Practice is designed to allow drivers to adjust to their cars and tracks.

3.1.4. When the timer expires for Practice, Drivers will be allowed to complete their lap but must return to the garage area, following their final lap.

3.2 Qualifying Rules

3.2.1. 16 Cars will qualify for any ASCA Sanctioned event, except for Plate Tracks, in which the field limit is increased to 18.

3.2.2. All Qualifying sessions will be in a group qualifying format. There will be 3 sessions, lasting 6 minutes each in length, with drivers divided into their respective groups. The top 16 at the end of group qualifying will qualify for the show

3.2.3. During any group qualifying sessions, if a driver does not use the full pit road to regenerate tires or fuel, they will be parked during their session, and removed from the event.

3.2.4. Any attempts at corner-cutting, or wall riding to gain an advantage will result in a lap disqualification.

3.2.5. Any intentional wrecking/distraction during qualifying will result in an immediate park from qualifying.

3.3 Pre-Race Rules

3.3.1. All Drivers are required to be present in Race Control prior to the start of the ASCA Sanctioned Event, to go over basic rules and information about the event.

3.3.2. All Drivers are required to be in proper equipment, no clothing or accessories are allowed to stick out of the car, and particle effects are not allowed.


4.1. Green Flag Rules

4.1.1. Drivers must stay within the designated “racing surface” for the track, this will usually be between the outside wall and the inner line (for ovals).

4.1.2. If a driver overtakes another driver via going out of the track limits, they must give the position back to said driver, or they will be required to serve a penalty.

4.1.3. Proper Racing Etiquette is heavily pushed for all drivers, giving space, letting off, not pushing dangerous situations.

Warnings will be given out for minor infractions, Full Penalties will be given for serious infractions.

4.1.4. If a driver is not able to stay within 3 seconds of the average lap time during race conditions, they will be asked to pull off the track.

4.1.5. Any type of wall riding is not allowed
4.1.6. If a driver is spun onto pit road, they are allowed to pit at the official's discretion If a driver is in a state of wall riding, they must let off and attempt to pull off against the wall (unless they are battling with someone and are door to door, or forced into a situation).

4.1.6. If a driver needs to leave, they will pull it down the pit road and bring it to the garage area.

4.1.7. A Lap Car that is within 5 car lengths of the Leader will be given the blue flag, The Lap Car must pull off the racing line and let the leader(s) through. If a lapped car is proven to be faster than a lead lap car, they are allowed to race the leaders to stay on the lead lap or get their lap back. If you’re faster than the leader, and wreck the leaders, you will be given a penalty, depending on the severity of the situation.

4.2. Yellow Flag Rules

4.2.1. Causes for a Caution If a lead lap running car is flipped. A flip without any contact except with yourself, will not be a caution. If there is an incident involving enough cars to be considered a hazard. If the track is blocked and the cars involved can’t get it going in a timely manner. Literally any obvious reason for there to be a caution.

4.2.2 Cautions will be called based upon the severity of the incident, location on the track, and the significance of the impact of the race.

4.2.3 Once drivers cross the line after a caution is called, they will slow down to begin the pacing procedure behind the pace car/truck.

4.2.4. If the caution comes out while the leaders are around the start-finish line, the officials will decide whether to keep racing back for another lap or start pacing.

4.2.5. The moment caution is called, the pits will be closed.

4.2.6. When the lead lapped cars pit, wave around cars can go around and get one of their laps back. The first car a lap down does not need to do this, they are the lucky dog, and will automatically be up a lap.

4.3. Pacing Rules

4.3.1. The pace speed will be determined and set pre-race.

4.3.2. There will be a minimum of 1 cooldown pace lap, then there will be pitting under caution, and then once the field packs up, they will go green

4.3.3. Wrecking under pacing is not allowed, and could / will result in a drive-through penalty, or to the back penalty, Depending on the severity of the incident.

4.3.4. While pacing, it is preferred that the people in line should stay on the bottom lane of the track.

4.3.5. Any cars a lap down or more are allowed to waive around ONCE by going around the pacing line on the high side and returning to the back of the pack, being the same order that they were when coming to the line on the race back.

4.4. Pitting Under Yellow Rules

4.4.1. Pit road is closed until the official's open pit road.

4.4.2. Passing under pacing is not legal and can result in a penalty.
4.4.3. Constantly making contact with other drivers is considered reckless and may result in a penalty.

4.5. Race Restart Rules
4.5.1. All restarts will be single-file, apart from plate tracks, which will be double file.
4.5.2. Once the pace car pulls down the pit road, the field must keep pace speed until reaching the restart zone.
4.5.3. Passing drivers and gaining positions prior to the restart zone is illegal.
4.5.4. Changing your lane before the restart zone is illegal.
4.5.5. If there is a large wreck between the area of the pace car pulling in and the start-finish line, the pace car will come back out and the restart will be redone.
4.5.6. There will be a maximum of 3 overtime attempts, at every track.

4.5.7. If the time gained on a jumped restart is not given up by the driver, they will receive a penalty accordingly. A driver must give the gained time back on his own, not by the cause of a wreck, or crash involving the driver.


5.1. Penalty System

5.1.1. Speeding in pit road will not be a warning.

5.1.2. Warning 1: Results in 1st Warning (1/3).

5.1.3. Warning 2: Results in a 2nd Warning (2/3).
5.1.3. Warning 3: Results in a drive-through penalty (3/3).
5.1.4. Warning 4: Results in a required pit stop of 1 lap. (4/3).
5.1.5. Warning 5: Results in an immediate park, and an expected suspension (5/3).

5.2. Stopping or going reverse on track will result in an immediate park and suspension.

5.3. Illegally overtaking will result in giving the place back.

5.3.1. Refusing to give a place back will result in a drive-through penalty. If it is on the final lap, the driver will lose 3 positions in the final results. If the driver overtakes multiple people, the penalties will stack.

5.4. Warnings
Intentional Wrecking If a driver goes out of his way to dump someone, it will result in a drive-through penalty.
5.4.2. Corner Cutting.
5.4.3. Reckless Driving.
5.4.4. Pitting in the incorrect pit stall.

5.4.5. Driving through numerous pit stalls.
5.4.6. Intentional Wrecking on pit road
5.4.7. Anything else the officials deem deserves a warning.
5.4.8. If a lapped car causes a caution, they will be awarded a 2/3, and are ineligible for the wave around.

5.5. Speeding
Speeding in the pit lane under green will result in a drive-through penalty. Speeding in the pit lane under pacing will result in going to the back. If a driver is pushed over the pit limiter, resulting in speeding, the penalty will be invalid. If a driver wrecks and hits the pit limiter, resulting in speeding, the penalty will be invalid. If a driver wrecks into pit lane, speeds, and pits, a warning will be issued.


6.1. Penalty Points

6.1.1. At the conclusion of the race, all drivers warnings will be added up, in a total called "Penalty Points". For example, if a driver ends the race with a 2/3, they will be handed 2 Penalty Points.

6.1.2. Officials can add, or remove Penalty Points as they so choose, depending on the scenario post-race

6.2. Suspensions

6.2.1. If a driver accumulates a total of 6 penalty points, they will be handed a suspension.

6.2.2. Once a driver receives a suspension and return from the suspension, they will be set to 3/6 points, instead of a reset back to zero.

6.2.3. If a driver goes a race without a warning, or penalty, one point will be subtracted from their current points total.

6.2.4. If a driver receives 6/6 penalty points for a second time, it is the officials decision on length of the suspension, or possible license removal if a driver is deemed ineligible to compete.



Points are awarded depending on your finishing position in the first stage, and the race results. Additional points are awarded depending on Laps led, Qualifying, and Most Laps led.


The playoffs are the end of the season championship points. The top 12 drivers in the Driver Standings at the conclusion of the regular season are granted a spot in the playoffs. A win DOES NOT lock you into the playoffs. At the start of the playoffs, drivers will be given their seeding points, and their playoff points to begin their championship runs. At the beginning of the playoffs, 12 drivers will have an opportunity to fight for a championship. The playoffs consist of 3 rounds. Contender 12, Eliminator 8, and the Championship 4. After each round of 3 races, the bottom 4 drivers in the standings are eliminated from Playoff contention, and their chance at a championship is over. A WIN throughout these rounds will NOT automatically advance you into the next round.


1st - 30 Points

2nd - 26 Points

3rd - 24 Points

4th - 22 Points

5th - 20 Points

6th - 18 Points

7th - 17 Points

8th - 16 Points

9th - 15 Points

10th - 14 Points

11th - 13 Points

12th - 12 Points

13th - 11 Points

14th - 10 Points

15th - 9 Points

16th - 8 Points
*17th and 18th Place Points Only Apply for Talladega and Daytona.


1st - 5 Points

2nd - 4 Points

3rd - 3 Points

4th - 2 Points

5th - 1 Point


Most Laps Led - 3 Points

Pole Position - 2 Points

Fastest Lap - 1 Points

Lap Lead - 1 Point


Failure to Qualify - 1 Point

Failure to Finish within 1st Stage - 1 Point
Failure to Finish within 2nd Stage -
3 Points


Playoff points are awarded to drivers who win a race. At the conclusion of the regular season, these points are awarded to the total of their seeding points.


Race Winner - 3 PLAYOFF Points

Regular Season Champion - 20 PLAYOFF Points


Playoff seeding is determined by the driver's finishing position in the regular-season standings at the conclusion of the regular-season finale. These points, along with the driver's playoff points, are the number of points a driver will begin the playoffs with

1st - 20 Points ( REGULAR SEASON CHAMP )

2nd - 15 Points

3rd - 12 Points

4th - 10 Points

5th - 8 Points

6th - 6 Points

7th - 5 Points

8th - 4 Points

9th - 3 Points

10th - 2 Points

11th - 1 Points

12th - 0 Points

If there is a tiebreaker between two drivers, their win count will determine the tiebreaker. If both drivers are tied in the wins category, the next statistics category to decide the tiebreaker will be the drivers' average finish. If still tied, it will go down to whichever driver made the most starts throughout the season.